Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Importance...

 ...Of keeping a sketchbook.  Or an "art journal", a workbook, whatever.  Is it really necessary?

A Previous shot of my "work book"
I've always had a huge curiosity towards sketchbooks.  It was something I doodled in as a child, and carried around with me to my grade school art classes because it was a materials requirement.  Sometimes I would shove it away into that dark corner of the closet and forget about it for years.  I never took it seriously.

Why should I?

To me, it was just a means to keep my "special art paper" contained from everything else.  Even when I learned that the great painters of old carried these special books around, it never stirred a desire in me beyond curing a bout of afternoon boredom on occasion.  Sure I thought their books of sketches, notes, and diagrams were neat, but obviously they didn't have the resources we have today.

It wasn't until a few graphic design courses really showed me the value of keeping a "workbook", as they liked to call it, that I reconsidered my viewpoint.  It was something for me to work through design flaws, and fix certain elements that weren't working before translating the raw design to computer.  It was an obvious timeline of my growth through design projects from start to finish.

Those few semesters really showed me the value in keeping one for myself.  It was a classic "a-HA" moment.  Those old masters already knew what I refused to learn back then.  Especially when I started this journey of owning and running a business doing the one thing I love most.

I started a separate workbook that was more or less for business use.  You will remember my previous post, here, about purchasing the biggest hardbound sketchbook I'd ever seen.  Through Amazon, no less because, you know, I'm an amazon whore.

My business workbook was started in 2013 when I quit my day job to start doing this full-time.  Just this short amount of time is like a mini time capsule.  I see the evolution of not only my branding, but my design approach to new projects as a whole.  It's actually pretty damn cool.  

Well.  To me, anyway.  

I know in this day and age, hand written things are so "old school" but I take a certain level of comfort from it.  As an Artist, this is the very basics of my foundation and I appreciate it even more.

So, If you hold the view I once held about keeping a book for yourself, then I urge you to reconsider.  Try it out.  There's even classes on how to create your own art journals.  Oh and book binding.  That shit is pretty awesome too.

Could you imagine the insanity that would ensue if I learned to make my own sketch books from scratch??!

Don't worry, it's on my "to-do" list of things to learn.

Or worry.

You probably should worry a lot, actually...