Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dyeing for the Answer...

So I had this idea, right.  Where I wondered about the possibility of completing a crochet project and then dying or bleaching a design or pattern onto the finished piece to really give it a personal, almost polished look.  

To be fair here, I haven't taken on a crochet project in several years - maybe since I was a little girl.  Even back then, those projects consisted of a single, endless crochet chain that I would pull out and do over and over again.  Learning to turn my work and build on that single chain was too much work for a 7 year old; there were frogs to catch and trees to climb.  The level of importance on learning to turn my work was this:  aint nobody got time for that.

You get the point.

So, I'm contemplating this creative road block in my mind when I finally decide that thinking it to death won't give me the answers.  TIME TO EXPERIMENT!

I pull out the bleach and pour some in a container as seen above and let the yarn sit in the liquid for about 10 minutes.  I'm diligently staring at it, waiting to see the color bleed from the exposed length of yarn, but nothing happens.  

Maybe I need to rinse the yarn with water?

I don't have a clue what's supposed to happen here, so I rinse the string and I still do not see any deviation from the original color the yarn was dyed as.  hm.  I'm officially confounded.  Usually when bleach touches fabric, you can see the color change pretty quickly, but I had no such luck.  

Of course, it never occurred to me at any point during my experiment to just look the information up on the Internet first.  Ah well - I sort of enjoyed testing my theory out on my own first.  But alas, what I found online states that you cannot bleach acrylic yarn - which is the kind that I purchased.  Its something in how the yarn is processed that leads to this end result (something about the dye and polymer being mixed together then applied to the yarn).  My findings even said that its very difficult to dye acrylic yarn to any other color as well.  Who knew?  I learned something new tonight.  BUT, I've not  given up on my idea just yet.  I found a tutorial on how to screen-print, so I'm thinking this could be applied to a finished yarn project as well and I could potentially achieve my desired affect.

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