Monday, September 16, 2013

New York City - Trip Highlights

Monday's are my most favorite day of the week...said no one ever.  

I think that's probably one of those ecards floating around the Internet or Pinterest.  If it's not, then it should be made into one and spammed to every person in your network immediately.  

The problem with my Monday, is that I celebrated my weekend in New York City.  For the first time.  Ever.  I know, its shocking but true - I had to confirm this several times with BOTH my cab drivers which prompted them to give me individual listings of all the places I had to visit.
So Obviously coming back to reality on Monday is a bit of a drag.  On the plus side, I think New York is Fabulous!  

This is the view from our Hotel room in Midtown - we were on the 34th floor.  Another first for me - I've never been that high up in a building before.  Mike says that I lived a sheltered life.  He's probably right. 

Highlights of my trip to visit Mike:
  • The food was amazing - especially the Pizza!  Let's not even discuss the sandwiches built for a family of 5 at the Carnegie Deli; Holy Sandwiches Batman!
  • My first Broadway show experience was the Book of Mormon - if you haven't seen this YOU HAVE TO GO!  It was by far the funniest thing I've ever seen.  
  • New York night life - these people obviously have endless supplies of energy because we didn't stumble back to our hotel room until 5 am Sunday morning....the natives must be descendants of the energizer bunny.
  • MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) is fantastic - Standing in front of a 12 foot long Monet painting was surreal.  Their Picasso collection is also noteworthy as well as some of the more famous pop-art pieces.
We also tried Brooklyn Bowl - they had the best fried chicken.  Magic on my taste buds.  Here's a pic of Mike and I near the lanes:

I'm sad to report that I tied for last place in our game (I'm not very good at bowling), but we still had a blast!

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