Wednesday, September 25, 2013


While I have been fleshing out some of my creative ideas, I came to a conclusion.  Well, let's call it a mini conclusion or a conclusion in progress.  Really, its just an idea that I have reasoned through from my experiments and research so far.  

 I liked the idea of making cards and selling them - note cards, greeting cards, etc.  The problem is, there are so many card makers out there with amazing stock - especially on Etsy where I'd like to open up my shop in the near future. 

The big question is this - what sets me apart from the rest?  

I know I'm supposed to be focused on creating and experimenting first and then worrying about this later, but I think finding the answer to that question and creating/experimenting kind of go hand in hand.  

When discussing potential branding for my business with Mike, the word collectibles popped into conversation.  Collectibles.  Its an interesting word - maybe not the right word for my shop, but I feel like its on the right track to something great that could really reflect who I am as an artist.  I like different things - I feel like I have my fingers in so many projects or ideas at once that my head spins.  I think Mike might have permanent whiplash from it. The point is, I like it that way.  I have this thirst for knowledge that is in no way associated with standard, traditional school.  I absolutely love learning new techniques, methods, and disciplines associated with Art.  Ya see?  Its the ADD again...

So why would I constrict myself to one specific type of product?

While I like the idea of creating cards, I don't want to make the popular cookie cutter type that I've seen all over the place.  I thought adding a more fine art twist to them would help me stand out a little more and add to the quality of my work.  I've done a few mock ups - see the pics below. I think I like the direction my thought process is heading, however we are still in the early stage of things, so its clear to me and my ADD that things are subject to change at any given moment.   
5"x 7" Pen & Ink, Prisma Color Pencil plus scrapbook paper and butterfly Punch

5"x 7" Prisma Color Pencil, Butterfly Punches

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