Friday, September 13, 2013

The Infamous Yarn Ball....

As I was getting ready for my trip to New York City to visit my husband over the weekend, my mind started to do that wandering thing again.  My husband (Mike) and his friends have given it an official medical term among our friends because it happens all the time - "RTS" or "Random Thought Syndrome".

It's very serious.

Anyhoo, I was taking a skein of yarn and creating a yarn ball with it like I was taught to do by my grandmother when working on crochet projects, when I suddenly questioned why it was necessary in the first place?  You're probably thinking that this is a pointless question because the answer is obviously, but ya never know - sometimes the answers surprise you.  At this point it was too late to contact my grandmother to ask, so I turned to the trusty Internet for answers.  Though my suspicions were confirmed - the skeins are wound into balls to ensure that the string does not become tangled during your work - I found something interesting.

Apparently I've been winding my balls all wrong (stop snickering, we aren't twelve anymore).  I've learned that there's a method to wind the yarn ball in such a way that the string is pulled from the CENTER of the ball and not the outside.  I bet you were already aware of that little jewel.  I'm always the last to the table of knowledge on the mundane, or at least Mike thinks so.  

I thought it exciting enough to share:

Here is a tutorial by Lion Brand Yarn if you need to see some visuals on how its done:

And of course I had to try it myself and I'm happy to report that it was a success.  Such a nifty little trick!

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