Friday, October 4, 2013

2014 Around the Corner...

Does anyone else feel like the year has just flown by?  No?

Well I definitely do.  It could have something to do with getting married in March, then a honeymoon adventure later in the year, but I feel like I was just thinking that I was glad it was summer.  Now, sadly, its come to an end.  Goodbye warm weather, flip flops, and shorts - hello knee high boots, Starbucks lattes, and penguin onesies (story for another time!).

My boss was walking around passing out 2014 wall calendars and date books to us when I realized that I don't use wall calendars, like, ever.  Sure I will put it up on my wall, but inevitably I will forget to turn the page to the next month.  It will be June and I will still be displaying the beautiful image of January.  Then I looked at the date book that I was given.  After much debating in my head, I came to the conclusion that I wouldn't really use that one either.  Question is, why?

I guess it could be the fact that we are so electronically driven today that the sense of taking time to right down your schedule in your book has become undesirable.  Its not efficient.  I completely understand the appeal - I use my Microsoft outlook calendar for setting up reminders for myself for different things for work.  Microsoft will remind me to download a report - my date book won't.  

Still though, I find myself missing the "feel" of having a datebook or organizer.  It made me feel organized and productive when I used those things in the past - paper junkie at heart here.  I guess that feeling is part of my inspiration for the latest project I started.  I've mixed the ideas of a wall calendar and those giant desktop calendars (with the big squares that you can write on) to create something unique.  I've taken some pictures of my progress below:

So far, I like the way its turning out, even though its only the first month.  Definitely more to follow on this one.

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