Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Being Cosmically Awesome....

I took a little weekend jaunt down to my old stomping grounds to participate in the Cosmic 5k Run in Virginia Beach, VA with my best friend Heather Barnes.  It was a hilarious weekend full of glow sticks, crazy wigs, lights, and most importantly laughter.

I was sifting through the photos I took over the weekend again today, and I couldn't help smiling.  And because I believe that sharing is caring, here are some for you:

The "After Party" once we crossed the finish line
Our "before" picture prior to the race all decked out in our gear

The pigment Powder they launch at you throughout the race glows under the black-lighting

Target had these awesome foam wigs!

Winter is coming, so I bought a new hat to ward off the chill 

So much fun was had.  Now we are planning our next 5k, though I'm not quite sure anything could top the craziness of the Cosmic Run.

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