Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Etsy Shop Update!

Guys, I've got exciting news!  With much discussion [with the hubbs] and waffling and a lot of over-thinking, I think I've finally decided on the type of product to sell in my store.  Yeeks!!  It's so exciting, and terrifying....but mostly exciting - I think.  

Anyway, Mike has convinced me that I could have a shot at selling some black and white Pen and Ink's on canvas.  This conclusion really started out as my vacillation over unoriginal guest book ideas for our wedding.   There was just nothing out there that really stuck out to me as something worth keeping or displaying that really reflected us.  I like to try and think outside of the box on most things with the help of Mike to keep me contained (ha!), and this one I was mulling over for weeks!  I happened to be in JoAnn's one day and randomly bought this giant square canvas that came up to my waist because it was on sale.  Total impulse buy, but I couldn't resist because normally they are so expensive and I got it for dirt cheap.

Incidentally, the Canvas sat against a wall for a little while, until I started playing around with an Engagement photo of Mike and I.  I ended up manipulating the image enough to really give it a more modern,  minimalist appearance and basically drew that image onto the canvas in Pen and Ink.

Original Image
Once the image was transferred, I knew that I found our guest book - though it really isn't a guest book at all is it?  Hmm.. guest painting, maybe?

Since the borders were so large around the drawing, I had guests use silver sharpies and place their messages there.  It's now proudly displayed in our living room and is certainly a conversation piece.  The end result perfectly represents us - My artistic outside the box side, and Mike's love for Modern simplistic art work. I say its a total WIN-WIN!

Now, I'm taking this process and using it for the pieces I will end up selling in my store.  The fruit of my labor is below!

What do you think?  The idea definitely has potential and I think I might have 3 different degrees of sizing and a customization option if the customer wishes to have one done for them personally.  Still mulling over that bit though.  Now on to make the next one!

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