Monday, October 28, 2013

Scary Times Call for Scary Measures....

My very favorite holiday is quickly approaching....HALLOWEEN!

We are hosting a little Halloween Shindig this weekend and I'm totally excited to see what everyone's costumes turn out to be.  Is anyone else having a little get-together for the fun holiday?

I've been browsing around to see if I can find some quick and easy decorations that we can throw up before guests start to arrive.  Its a good thing my sister is flying in on Thursday because I'm totally going to put her to work on these!

Love these simple bat cutouts - it really brings a festive look to the room.  I also thought about tearing up an old sheet in our linen closet with scissors and putting burn marks into it for a festive table clothe.  There is blank wall space right in our kitchen that the below decorative fans sit as well.  So many ideas!

I haven't even thought about the menu yet.  I'm giving that some time until mid week before I really nail down something solid.  Did I mention that I LOVE dinner parties?!  Ah!  So much to think putting green food dye into mashed potatoes...genius.  I'm totally going to have to write that one down for sure.

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