Thursday, October 3, 2013


For some reason I ended up at the Michael's website.  I think I Googled scrapbook paper, to see what the standard dimensions were (12"x 12" by the way, in case you were curious) and ended up on their site. 

Am I the only one that realized you can't buy crafty supplies online from them??  What kind of business doesn't have an online presence? Especially one as largely popular as Michael's?!  Needless to say, I was a little astounded.  I don't shop there often as it is because their store is a small trek away from our home, but I have found myself occasionally in need of certain supplies that I would be more than happy to order online from them.  In the end, Amazon gets most of my business.  I freakin love Amazon! and of course Plaza Artist Materials, if I can't find it on Amazon....

Still, its sort of crazy to think that some businesses today don't keep an online presence.  Wouldn't it expand your revenue base and help you reach certain demographics that you thought were otherwise untouchable?  I suppose that could dovetail into marketing as well.  Maybe managing a website and brick and mortar stores together is time consuming as well as resource draining.  Definitely food for thought, right?  I sort of have this fantasy/dream where one day I actually own and manage my very own little boutique artsy store that couples as a studio.  Ahh, it would be the cutest thing, ever.  I'm so in love with that idea/dream.  

Baby steps, Nichole.  Baby steps.  

That was actually Mike's voice in my head.  He's always the one to bring me back to reality from Nichole Land.  Its a great place, Nichole Land.  Full of candy (which I'm addicted to, by the way), fantasy me where I kick butt first, take names later, wear leather and drive a motorcycle, and many other fantastical things.  In fact, I'm going to go dream up some other things for a bit before getting back to work....

I'm a hopeless case, I know.

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