Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Catch Up Tuesday

"Catch-Up Tuesday" has sort of a ring to it doesn't it?  Well no, not like "Wacky Wednesday", "Throwback Thursday", or "Sunday Funday" but for me its a day to get my messy self organized (HA, I know that was hilarious, right?). 

I finally unearthed the external drive that is currently housing my Shop database which means I can finally photograph some of the pieces I have completed for upload.  In the townhouse, I knew where to find the best lighting for photographs.  In our new house, however, that is a different story.  It's going to be a house-wide man hunt (light hunt?) because we are due for some crummy weather the next couple of days. 

Lining up the next few pieces on the list is proving to be somewhat difficult, as well.  Maybe I'm just hella picky when it comes to subject matter?  Perhaps I should pick themes that interest me, and go from there.  It could prove to be an interesting angle to try at least.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

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