Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Interesting, Indeed.

I must say that so far the areas that I have explored in this new town have been interesting, to say the least.  I can't help to compare it to what I know from living in Northern Virginia - which is definitely a contrast so far! 

Let's take yesterday for example; I needed to try on and order a bridesmaid dress for one of my best friends' upcoming wedding.  I hopped in the car and let Google navigate me to the nearest shop that carried the style number I needed.  traffic was nonexistent, compared to NOVA, and development wise, there isn't a whole lot of eye candy along the road.  I did however come upon a place called Angus Barn (Google informed me that its a delicious steak house), and this little gem:

You're welcome.

Google also told me that this place is closed.  I'm not sure how I feel about that...relief?  Sadness?  I bet my arteries are rejoicing in the fact that they escaped an early death by the hands of this place.  

I did find some furniture places along my drive as well.  Can anyone explain to me why furniture stores always appear in groups?  Have you noticed that?  It's hardly ever just ONE furniture store you happen upon.  And of course, just a few doors down there is always that shady looking oriental rug store that you're scared but curious about...don't lie.  You secretly want to go into the place just so you can report back to your friends about it.  They all are secretly curious too. 

The most curious thing I found yesterday by far was a little store on my way back home called "Barstools and dinettes".  

Seriously.  That is a store.  

Here's a link in case you don't believe me: Barstools and Dinettes.  Let's not put aside the little fact that I just so happen to be in the market for a couple of bar-stool type chairs for our new breakfast bar in the kitchen, either.  I like to think the universe is smacking me in the face with a sign since I've been on a hunt for decent looking chairs for about a week now with little success.... 

Okay universe...MESSAGE RECEIVED. 

We might pop in there this weekend, if we have some time to look around because HELL no I will not be entering weirdly named establishments by myself in new areas...don't ask...

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