Thursday, May 1, 2014

First Shop Order!

While I was on my couch last night, watching TV a notification sound dinged on my phone.  It sounded like a cash register. 

"Cha-CHING".  What the eff?

I look at it, and realized that I just received my first actual Etsy Shop Order!!! OMG!  There may have been a little happy dance in the middle of the living, at night, in front of windows that have no blinds.  

You're welcome neighbors.  

Isn't it exciting?!  This customer literally has no idea how happy and amazing this truly is!  Now, even if I may or may not know this customer in real life, it really is wonderful to know that someone out there really enjoys the work that I produce enough to purchase one for their home [or as a gift for someone else].  I also really appreciate all the friends and family that have supported me this far and have ordered things for themselves to show their support as well.  I've got an amazing crew behind me! 

I hope these orders don't stop here, and even if they do - I still find joy in just creating awesome pieces of work that I can really be proud of.   

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