Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Okay.  So, I will admit that I am a little late to the whole Instagram game here.  To be fair though, it's a great way to post some interesting photography under my Studio name and that is my main reason for joining.  

Orrrr, as I have told one of my best friends and my husband, alike - I just want to be the "anti-hipster" and like things after they have been around for a while and aren't so hot on the scene.  That is more the likely story here.  

Who cares?

I WILL provide a blanket apology to the peeps that are following me right out of the gate because I'm a little photo-happy right now.  I promise it will slow down.  Probably.  Maybe...

I'm sure it will.  

A few of the posts I've done the last couple of days are below:

Well, yes.  I do like close-up shots.  how can you tell??

For real though, I find close shots the most interesting.  


Wonderful question my dear reader!

It's the smaller, more minute details that I feel like we pass by for the larger more grand photographs.  It's interesting to me that the bubbles in the froth in the shot of the coffee mug form it's own unique pattern.  Or the color variations in my cats' eye as she gazes into the camera.  I find these small things interesting and worth capturing.  Plus, I like that the subject matter begins to breakdown into abstraction the closer you get.  It's this breakdown that allows the viewer to use their imagination to put together the story of that particular piece of work.  

At it's core, that's what Art is to me.  It's that ability to induce a certain reaction based on your subject matter, whether it be an in-your-face propaganda piece, a serene landscape, or a jarring culmination of jagged lines and bright colors. 

I could go on forever talking about this stuff so I will shut up now.

Seriously, I'm shutting up.


XO -


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