Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My First Meet-Up...

Was. Absolutely. Awesome!


The meet up was last Sunday with a group I joined called Triangle Arts and Crafts Group.  I was actually having a conversation about finding this group with Mike on Friday before the event (we were on our way to the Amphitheater for John Williams night with the North Carolina Symphony --- AMAZING!).  I was thinking how amazing it was to find groups of people with the same interests that easily and quickly.  

What did we do before Google??

What did we do before the Internet?!  


I imagine there used to be bulletin boards posted at the local library, or some other community grounds where people could easily access it.  Magazines or word of mouth?  I feel like if that were still the case today, I would never be able to find out about these types of things unless I seriously hunted them down.

The meet up this past Sunday was themed - Whimsical Woodland Themed Crafts and Potluck.  It was super cute!  Everyone brought a dish that met with the theme and worked on their own crafts while we chatted.  I chose to bring Chocolate Kiss Acorn treats and I just drew in my sketchbook for the time.  I'm so glad I went and everyone was so incredibly nice and welcoming;  I signed up for the next couple of meet ups coming up!

The snack I brought was super easy to put together too -  Here is the recipe to make your own.  I also added a couple of photographs of my finished sketch I did while there, below.

If you, yourself, want to meet other people with similar interests in your area I strongly suggest checking out meetup.com!  :) 



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