Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rebranding Yourself... hard.

I recently felt that the logo I originally created for my shop just wasn't cutting it anymore. 

It was one of those "Ah!  I need a logo for my shop; I better create one real quick"  type of situations.  I'm sure we all have had those moments before with one thing or least it makes me feel better to think that anyway.  Of course, after all those design type classes I took through my tour of college, I should have known better...  

A logo is basically your brand - your identity.  Something that people look at and remember down the road...

hopefully.  (Fingers crossed!)

It needs to represent, at least in some way, what you are offering to the consumer.  My original logo just didn't have that connection with my work I think.  Here is the original:

It is pretty to look at, but it does not represent my body of work well.  This logo, to me, says that I create more classical designs with an emphasis on color.  My inventory is more on the modern edge with an emphasis on the black and white.  

O.o  Cue the "False Advertising" chant now, please.

While my main factor is currently black and white, I don't want to completely discount adding color to my body of work.  I eventually want to cover a full range of stuff, including colored works, so I need to have a logo that expresses my vision and ideal for the future of my brand. 

Okay, great.  My brain is asking me "Where do we go from here, boss?"

That is the tricky part.  I want something that will last me quite a while.  Something solid, but not super plain and boring with a slight artist flair to separate me from all of the generic corporate logos out there.  

Dude, figuring out your brand is hard stuff.  Like, headache hard.  

Here is what I came up with:

In the end, I still wanted to emphasize my identity (the ANF in the logo represents my initials).  This branding portrays everything I currently am as an Artist, my vision for the future of my work and shop, and will stand the test of time as a solid logo.

I'm pretty pleased with the results.  

Due to the re-branding, I've had to go through and update all of my bases to keep myself consistent.

That is the other important part of this that I've had to learn as I go - consistency is huge.

Well, that took up half my day.  I suppose I should get to work!



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