Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Be Careful What You Wish For...

...or "think" for...??   ...Maybe??  

Does that even make any sense?

The obvious answer is no, however I think that probably fits best under this circumstance....  

Let me take you back to a time when I looked at my calendar and wondered how I would ever find enough things to fill my days, aside from my normal routine. 


The cosmic universe is having a pretty big laugh at me right about now, I suspect.  Funny bitch.  

I actually have to use the calendar app on my phone to keep track of all the "extracurricular" engagements that I have been committing to lately.  I'm not sure if its just a sort of "summer fever" thing, or if everyone in my life all of a sudden decided to plan events, etc at the same time.  Ever feel that way?

My money is on bio-terrorism.  Seriously.  

Think about it.

I suppose its better to be busy, than bored I guess.  Plus Google gets a workout from all the reminders set to be sent to me in the coming days.

Ah well, suppose I should just shut up and be a happy bitch then.  

In further news...

I'd like to report that the shower for my Best Girl was tons of fun!! Here's a few photos to prove it :)

She had to chew a piece of bubble Yum Gum for every wrong answer in the 20 Questions Game
The Bride to Be cutting her Shower cake

There were of, course, lots and LOTS of fun photos from the bachelorette portion of the evening that were pretty good too.  Let's just say with the more wine consumed, the evening eventually devolved into a three woman rave.  I think the only tame photo I can post is this one of that evening.  

For the sake of the Brides' sanity and since I actually enjoy breathing oxygen, I will refrain from posting the others. 

(for now.....)

But trust me, they were so goooooooooood.  


<insert wicked cackle here>

Ash being very patriotic
After the shower, we had friends visit from out of town over the July 4th weekend.  That was a blast - we did a BBQ on the 5th and made wayyy too much food.  I think we were eating leftovers for DAYS afterwards, but the good kind of leftovers, ya know?  

Steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.  

the kind of leftovers that require extensive gym time afterwards...

We also got to know a couple of the neighbors a bit better which is always really nice, and we finally got to play on our new gaming table that Mike built from scratch.  Oh man, if you could have seen his face!  He was the happiest guy in the room.  

And the table is awesome. Obviously

Let's see...what else....


I should be posting another piece of work for sale to my shop this week.  It's a small 12" x 12" piece called "Rainy Days" :

I am also putting the finishing touches on a commissioned piece this week as well so I can get it out the door before the weekend since I am heading out of town for a few days.  Gonna be visiting my mom and sister since my Mom's "39th" birthday is next week.  I haven't seen them in a few months (since we moved into our new place) so I'm excited to spend some time in their neck of the woods for a bit. :)

Man that was a big update....

Sorry about the novel but when you're busy, what can ya do??

I hope everyone elses' summer has been lot's of fun so far!



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