Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Confession Time...


Oh geez.  Just rip it off like a band-aid, right?


Okay.  The last thing I want to do is confirm another one of Mike's glaringly obvious assessments on my nature.  Or is it character?  

Let's go with habits.  It's a habit.  But it's not that bad.  Really.

Wait, that probably made me sound bad.  Like I'm in denial or whatever... 

It's something I know I do, but I can't help myself.  So the obvious solution in my head is to deny it when Mike points it out.  Deny, deny, deny.

Okay - It's denial.  

Story time.  (Ugh, when you read this Mike, just know I tried to control myself.  REALLY! I tried.)

We ordered a few area rugs on the Internet for our main living room and some high traffic areas in our home because we have hardwood floors on the main level and we have rambunctious Huskies.  We are attempting to preserve as much of the floor as possible.  

Note I said attempting.  

Anyway, the big area rug for the living room we ordered is something like 11 ft by 15 ft.  Lucky for me it was delivered before Mike left on business this week so we could wrangle the dang thing through the front door together.  

Let me tell you, that bitch was HEAVY.  

Once we got it through the door, we unwrapped it and put it out in the room.  It's a fantastic rug (way better than the one we had before).  

Confession time...

Mike left Monday afternoon.  We never really cleaned up the wrapping that protected the rug (left in the foyer by the front door), and every time I walk by it catches my eye.  

Now.  This is the point in the story where my husband will get this exasperated feeling because he knows what I am about to tell you...All I can say is... LOVE YOU HONEY! =D

It was like this weird itch.  I call it my Artist instinct see...Hmm...  How do I explain this to you...?

I look at things...objects...and my mind does this thing where it goes through several different scenarios on what that particular object could be turned into... 

Does that make sense?  

So I nab it and squirrel it away somewhere until I'm ready to pull it out and use it.  Or forget about it and rediscover it later.  Whatever.  

Cardboard, paper bags...sometimes weird things like these odd little metal paper clip looking things that came attached to a few of Mike's Banana Republic shirts he ordered offline.  

I took those.  

Actually, I forgot where I put them...but I took them.  

The wrapping on the area rug was this heavy brown paper with a thicker plastic wrap over it....

I took the brown paper....

I rolled that bitch up and dragged it (figuratively) to my studio downstairs.  I can cut it down and use it for drawing, painting, etc...

Wait...  A weird image of a serial killer dragging his next victim away just popped into my head....weird.

I blame our binge session with the second season of Hannibal on that one....(great show - Super Creepy - But great show)

So yeah.  I  like to collect things...FOR ART!

I hear Mike in my head correcting me: 



It's really more like recycling.  Go Green...and all that jazz...right?



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