Wednesday, September 3, 2014


As I am reluctantly shoved into the month of September, I can't help but look ahead at how crazy busy it's going to be.  I'm pretty sure 3 out of 4 (if not all) weekends are packed with obligations.  

Makes me long for my lazy August again, though looking back I'm almost positive I was just as busy?  Funny how once its over, trying to remember exactly what you did is difficult.  I think my brain is like:

"What?  You want to remember month old shit?  Nope.  Here, have these unicorn pictures instead."

And that was a MONTH ago...don't even ask about what I did in January. I probably should look into doing some memory exercises or something...

I do, however, remember that I joined my first ATC swap through Craftster for the month which was tons of fun.  I wanted to share the cards that I completed for the swap:

I've already showed you the first card that I made which was based on a Calligraphy theme. 

The second card I did was for combo themes of Fish and Artist Choice.  This illustration was broken up into 4 individual cards to make a set.

Here, I created a Mario Brothers card for a Nintendo Video Games theme.

The last card I made was one that really pushed the envelope of ATC-making for me, I think.  The theme was 4 elements.  My first consideration for the card was to make 1 card with just 1 of the elements, but I couldn't really leave out the other 3.  Instead I actually made a folded brochure type of ATC.  The above is the cover and here is the inside:

It was really a great first experience, and hopefully I will have some time later to attempt a more involved type of craft swap.

We will see how it goes...



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