Tuesday, September 2, 2014


...Ever get that feeling sometimes?  

I like to believe that most people do.  

Maybe the feeling comes with riding the coattails of business for an extended period of time...  Like, despite how exhausting being busy is, you immediately miss that sense of purpose once its all said and done.

Or perhaps the feeling arrives when you realize all the Cheetos are gone in the house.  <-- Tragedy.

Don't judge me. 

Either way, its sort of a sucky feeling, but not necessarily an unwelcome one in small doses.  

I welcome the feeling right now.

I like to think that my whole person is "recharging" after striding headlong into whatever shenanigans I previously got myself into.  [My Labor Day Weekend]

The trick is to not let the feeling over take you for too long; that is where you get into some trouble.  I would describe it this way:

You are stuck in your sweat pants and old ratty T-shirt on your couch with junk food bags sort of littered around you.  There's probably soda cans interspersed throughout the debris, or an empty ice cream carton (probably both).  There might be video games or a series marathon involved somewhere...   

Trust me when I say that snapping out of this trance is horrifying.  Especially if someone stumbles upon you in that state.  

NOT pretty.  

My advice?

Let it take you for a small amount of time then force yourself out of it like I'm doing right now.  

drink a cup of coffee, make a list of shit you have to do and get to it.  The day isn't going to stop just so you can wallow and there are probably only a few days of nothing before your busy ass is in the thick of it again.  Plus you don't want to gain like 10 lbs by eating crap because you have to fit into that dress on Saturday. 

Suck.  It.  Up.  

That was my pep talk to myself.  

Sometimes you just gotta be cruel to be fair....

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.  I'm going, I'm going...



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