Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Morning Times...

...are tough.  

For me at least.  I'm sitting here waiting for an appointment to arrive, and all I can think is "adult responsibility sucks".  

I actually said that in my head in a very sing-songy kind of voice.  I'm not functioning on all cylinders this early.  Forgive me.  

When I was doing research about running an Etsy shop as more of a business than a hobby, all that ran through my head was:

"How am I going to get myself out of bed every morning and work 9-5 like normals do?"

I call regular folk who can properly function on a normal schedule of 9-5 weekly, normals.  

Clearly, I lack that superpower. 

You know what though?  It's totally okay. I've realized that I don't really function in the mornings until I actually "wake up".  I believe everyone has a time frame when they find themselves most productive.  I think most corporate businesses ignore this for the most part except maybe the computer companies and a few other obscure industries because, yaknow, they have a brain and understand the potential in harnessing that elusive "Productivity".  

I actually work better and feel more focused on my work between 10 - 11 am and 6 - 7 pm.  Occasionally I will work in the evenings too if Mike is playing a video game or away on business. 

Some people work better at night.  I like to think they are probably part nocturnal, but hey, who am I to judge right?

Anyway, I guess my point to this random musing is that early mornings suck for me.  BIG TIME.  thank you to the  coffee overlords, because, coffee.  

Now I need to take care of the pups before my appointment arrives. 

Have a great Tuesday, guys. 



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