Monday, October 27, 2014

Save The Date...

November 19, 2014.  

The day that Studio ANF appears in a craft fair.

In the flesh...

In Public...

Sitting at a table...

With all my stuff...

NO, I'm totally not freaking out AT ALL.

Okay, maybe a little freaking out is going on here, but I choose to pretend its nervous excitement.  The actual craft fair itself isn't anything massive or one that draws big crowds.  The fair is actually for my neighborhood, and its their 2nd annual.  Also, if you happen to look up the actual date listed above, it falls on a Wednesday. 

So for one day only in the middle of the week, from 5-8 I will have a table of goods to sell. 

You might be giving your computer or phone or whatever a very skeptical look right about now, but this is good.  

This is good.  

Trust me.

My space fee is super cheap, and it gets my feet wet into the "fair/festival world".   I couldn't have asked for a better starting point. 

Come on, for my first in-person event could you imagine ME in the middle of mob-drawing crowds for a 3 day festival trying to stay calm and sell my crap? HA!  

I would have died.  

I probably will still die when that event actually happens, but I digress.

My current stock of paintings that are in my Etsy shop will be with me as well as trying out a few other avenues I've been working on.  

For the last couple of weeks I have been playing around with the idea of bringing color into my shop.  Trying to figure out how has been the ultimate challenge.  I'm making some progress.  I'm adding some color illustrations on canvas to sell at the fair as well as doing some original water color works and selling them on note-cards.  If there's time, I will try to add some smaller 2-D Illustration options that can be framed, as well.  Here are a couple of examples so far:

12" x 12" Watercolor Illustration on Canvas

I will probably post an album of my newest collection on my Studio Facebook Page closer to the event.  I'm currently mulling over the idea of adding the note-cards to my shop for Purchase as sets.  After the fair, I will most-likely do a little more research before making that decision.  

There's a few weeks left to essentially "prepare" for the event.  Mike keeps telling me not to over think anything.  He lovingly pointed out that I have the tendency to try to work out every single potential detail before committing to anything.  Basically, in a very backwards way, I talk my self out of doing things.  Nasty habit, really. 

We are working on it.  

Anyway, that's whats happening with me lately, friends.  Hope things are going well for you!



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