Thursday, October 2, 2014

That Time of Year...

We all know it. 

The weather starts getting a little frosty nip to it... 

leaves change... 

Scary costumes litter department store aisles due to the overstuffed hooks and shelves. 

Then, there is that moment - let's call it the "oh SHIT" moment, shall we? - when everyone realizes that we are in the accelerated, hyper-drive fast lane to the end of the year.  Don't believe me?  Let's make a list:



Black Friday -It's practically an official holiday anyway, guys.

Cyber Monday -I like to think of this one as the lesser of the two death-wish shopping holidays of the year.  The only death hazard is choking on those potato chips while you scramble for virtual door buster deals.


Christmas Eve - this counts because you get to open a gift.

Christmas - Holy Mecca of Presents, Batman!

New Years Eve

New Years


Quite the list. I understand why some people shop in June for winter gifts, because we all know shoppers get crazier the closer we get to end of year festivities.  

For me, though, I think I'm heading towards the more crafted side for gift giving instead of generic store bought.  I did a little bit of this last year, but didn't start early enough to really capitalize on it. 

Apparently, "planning" is key which is usually an epic fail for me.  I've started a few little items, and have some bigger things in mind, so hopefully my pre-planning will pay off and holiday gift giving won't break the bank or my hands this year. 

Beyond my Fall planning, I just completed another piece for my shop this week which I'm super excited about:

I was inspired by all of the crocheting I'm learning to do in preparation for my winter gifts, and loved how the knitting needles are positioned in this composition.  

I'm also working on some experimentation with color.  My goal is to start incorporating color into my shop over time.  Fingers crossed that things work out so stay tuned!

I'm to another craft project!



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