Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Time Flies...

...When you're pretty damn busy, amirite?

At least it is for me.

The last few weeks have been nuts.  I completed my first craft show, worked on some commissions, had a belated thanksgiving with family out of state and now I'm working towards getting ready for a week long vacation with the Hubs.

First world problems, guys, I know.

Let's be honest, though, I've never been very good at organization and time management.

For realssss.

The craft fair sort of put that in perspective a little bit for me.  It seems that I like to take the extreme of "being prepared" on things.  

"I don't have enough things to sell"

"I don't have the right table for a proper display"

"I don't know how a freakin' display is supposed to work, do you?"

"The booth fee is too expensive"

Those excuses and more would fall from my lips without preamble.  


No one's ready for that shit.  You get out there, you sell things, and you learn from experience.  If you don't start, you won't have any experience. 

No experience, no learn.  


Don't let the fear talk you out of things.  Apparently that was what I was doing to myself.  With a little nudge big shove from Mike, I put myself out there.  I set a deadline for myself and created goals for some new ideas and you know what?  It was totally worth it.  I moved into a different medium and my experiments turned into commissions and a new line of pieces for my shop. 

I'm proud of myself and of my work.  

I'm working on the new listings for the shop currently.  Mike and I are doing a week vacation in the Caribbean next week, so hopefully I will have them completed and ready to go live upon our return Christmas week. 

Also, building a light box is super helpful for product photos.  Pinterest has several DIY tutorials for building your own, and I would recommend it to anyone who sells their crafts/art online.  Although I need to change the bulbs on the lamps I purchased.  Incidentally, they produce a yellowish glow that isn't exactly a desirable quality in a product photo.  

Once the new line is up and running in the shop, I will post an announcement, so stay tuned friends!



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