Saturday, January 31, 2015

If It Weren't For...

...Social plans, I would have become a grade A hermit.

A legit, horde your shit and never leave the house, hermit.

I would buy all my stuff online, and have my essential groceries delivered. With the Internet at my fingertips I would never have to leave the comfort of my four walls.

And guys, my four walls are huge.

If people never came over to view my home and silently judge the state of things as they saw them, I would never feel the obligation to clean or fix up any of the rooms.

Taking the trash out and dragging the bins to the curb would be the highlight of every week.

Deep down, I know all this would be a fact except for two things - my husband and our social calendar.

While both of us harbor a healthy (unhealthy is probably more like it) determination towards laziness, someone would crack under the pressure.  Maybe it's because our environment is built on cohabitation or we both have different brands of laziness?

Think about it.

When/if you lived on your own, and you started to let things slide around the home, for whatever "reason" you want to dream up, it never really bothered you.  Eventually you clean up your mess, but it was your mess.  It was your brand of laziness.  That changes when you add another variable into the environment.

I leave unfolded laundry in baskets, and ignore the tooth paste build up in my sink until I'm forced to clean it off.  Mike leaves dirty dishes strewn about the house along with shirts, socks, etc.

I know my perfunctory habits grate on his nerves after a little while as his does with mine.  Eventually, we muster enough gumption to clear off our neglected duties, and if a social calendar wasn't enough motivation to light that fire, then that shit just wouldn't get done.

The Frasca's are a sociable peoples.

we like hanging out and having a good time.  We enjoy hosting even more.

Being sociable doesn't quite fit well with "hermit".

I do want people to come back to our home again, after all.

And so, for the sake of social graces and my husbands sanity, I choose to be a decent member of society instead of the horde-ish hermit I secretly desire.

Suddenly, I am reminded of that movie, Wall-E.  Remember those fat humans in their hover chairs?


I probably should force myself to get out more...

and stop collecting random things...




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