Thursday, January 29, 2015


...I had a thought.

Shocking, I know.  Your world must be turned upside down right now but I implore you to keep reading on despite this shocking revelation.

This was my thought:

What the hell is decoupage?

Random, right?

I was working with Mod Podge yesterday on a project of mine (one of many), and it reminded me of my youth.  A memory came unbidden to my mind where my hands were covered in a sticky glue like substance with bits of paper due to the paper mache craft I was doing at the time.

This memory prompted a question as I studiously worked away on my craft.

I wondered about the differences between paper mache, collage, and decoupage.  I'm going to be honest here, I knew what the first two were.  The third, well, my brain automatically went like this:

Decoupage - Decompose - Compost...huh?

needless to say, I ended up on Google's home page to look up the definition.


We all know what paper mache least I hope you do.

If not, just Google that shit.

Based on the above, I feel like decoupage and collage are essentially the same thing...


Collage just has a broader base of materials and decoupage is strictly paper.  Perhaps we can afford decoupage a subcategory under collage, along with paper mache.

Maybe it already held that spot and it just takes me a while to "catch up".

Cool.  Mystery solved.  Huzzah!

My mind is now free for the next random thing that comes upon it.

YAY random information!



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