Wednesday, February 11, 2015


...A larger piece is done, I'm exhausted.


I'm not sure why this happens and it's actually kind of a weird feeling.  

Once an idea takes root in my brain, it's essentially what I would imagine being possessed feels like, in a way.  

The above was no exception, but it's a bit more than that I think. 

You've probably heard that I submitted an application for my first juried art festival.  If you haven't, then yeah - that shit went down all scary-like.  

Mike thinks my time of passive-aggressive selling needs to come to an end, and put my neck out there a little more than just the usual "peeking around the corner cautiously".  I like to be cautious. 


I looooooveeee cautious.  

It's warm, safe, and comfy...and has snacks.  

You know me and some snacks are pretty much bros.  

Like, "doughnuts before bronuts" kinda bros, so...


Gah...I hate being honest with myself...but let's be real with each other for a sec.  Mike is, of course, right.  

I spent the year chugging away behind my virtual shop.  I've sold a few things.  Mostly to friends and family to which I say a huge loud thank you.  The support is real, but I should know better than anyone that art is a personal journey for most.  

Sure, you have people who buy art off the shelves of department stores because that color truly matches the curtains, and goes nicely with the living room theme.  Then, there are those that actually take time and search for those certain pieces that actually speak to them in some way.  

These people are as much curators as the ones in the big fancy museums.  These people are super selective when it comes to their collections, and it's such a lovely thing.  

A simple virtual shop, does not a connection make.  

Have you ever seen one of those famous paintings in person?  a Picasso, or a Monet?  Did the pictures in the books do it justice?  Could you tell the subtlety in brushstroke or the texture the artist took care to create in the photograph or the actual piece? 

You make deeper connections with physical items.  It's as simple and as complex as that.  

Based on this knowledge, I've always known that I would eventually need to spread myself into a more public avenue to forge these connections with people.  

Guys, I do not excel in this area.

Shocking, I know.

I don't even know if I've been accepted into the mix yet, and I'm already freaking out a little bit.  I find out the results in April, and the show is in August. 


Which I think is probably one of the major factors in my "post-piece low".  The festival is just one full day, but my stock is incredibly low.  I've got to start churning festival worthy, and shop worthy, product out at a little faster pace.  Plus, Mike thinks I've been under-pricing myself.  So now I am also tracking my time on each future piece to determine worth.  

It's quite a bit to process, but you know what?  I'm certainly up to the challenge.  It's a new year, with new goals, and if I don't push, then I don't grow.  You are probably tired of hearing that by now, but this is my "pep-talk" outlet of sorts.  I need reminders, after all.

Even if I'm not accepted into the festival, there's always next year and I don't really lose anything in the end.  

Gosh, wooing the public is hard.  I really haven't needed to worry about this since nabbing Mike all those years ago.  

I'm sorta rusty at this crap...I need a doughnut.



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