Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Art...

...of the "Like".

The virtual equivalent of personal validation and approval among the online populous that is your friend base, depending on where you are seeking your "pat on the back".

It's funny how much we all enjoy the "like".  How much some of us need the "like".

And for those of us contemplating, or even attempting to build an online presence among the various popular virtual platforms, this validation is necessary.

Any new business trying to stake out their corner of the market also has a slew of virtual campaigns to reign in interest in order to build that bridge into consumerism.  Reaching a maximum audience means attacking the market from every angle possible both creatively and effectively.

Remember when I said that Mike considers my "attack plan" passive aggressive because I sit behind the screen of a computer to reach the market?  I also admitted that he was completely right.  I also mentioned that creating that personal relationship with a piece of work is also important, and much too difficult through a computer screen and a photograph.

Thus, the challenge of being accepted into a juried art show and moving my campaign outdoors into the public eye.

Sure, generating "likes" through my virtual platforms means I'm slowly expanding that ever-present circle of exposure, which is great, but generating sales and creating connections is also just as important.  Sometimes more important.

The reason for my redundancy?

I recently sold a piece of artwork that has subsequently secured my Facebook Shop Page an influx of "likes".

To tell you that I was excited does little justice to all the feels.  This just expanded my exposure radius exponentially!

Then, I thought about how much value I'm actually placing into each Like I earn - and I use earn very lightly.  The "like" button is at the whim of the viewer, essentially.  And the viewer can be a very fickle being with a whole slew of factors propagating the use of the "like" on that particular occasion.  They may not even like what they are looking at but "like" it on some random principle of their own anyway.

Realization:  I'm putting too much stock into the "like".

The "like" for my purposes, is a tool.  It should only be seen as a tool.  Sure some of these viewers truly appreciate the value, time, and effort I put forth into my business and my artwork, but how do we truly know who?  While I appreciate every single "like" I receive and am super grateful for all the support thus far, I need to separate my heart from this.  I won't lose my heart, but I need a business mind, too.  I can't count these as personal acknowledgements of my life.  That is for my personal social media accounts.  

My business is separate.  I'm not familiar with every person that comes across my page. The "like" is not a personal reflection nor a direct link to my success as an artist.  This was, I think, a hard won "A-ha" moment for me.  I understood the words Mike was saying before, but now I truly understand what he means.

So take the "like" or the "heart" or whatever your favorite social media platform uses as their universal "we love it!" button for what it is in relation to consumerism - an "in".  It's the beginnings of your bridge, and you know what that tiresome movie quote says right?  "If you build it they will come".

Now, I'm more eager than ever to stick myself out there and expand my exposure.  Build some dang bridges.  

Now, I just need those jury results, already.  I still can't believe it takes MONTHS to deliberate....

MONTHS, guys....



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