Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The New Year...

Concept for a new painting for 2016 

...brings about a lot of new-ish things.  

Well, new is relative I guess.  It's probably more like "new to you".  Or if you've already made attempts before with it, then its re-newed.  

My point is, people seem to love making grand promises to themselves in the heat of the moment right before the ball drops. Who doesn't?  After you've had a couple of glasses of champagne while watching that glittering beacon ascend towards the beginning of the new year, who could blame the momentous [and slightly belligerent] pep talk you give yourself:

'Alright, Self, this is our year.  We will get our shit together, you hear me?! We ran the gamut on bad food this past Holiday season.  Our waist line can't handle anymore - we've already lost a button on one pair of paints!  I refuse to move up to the next size.  We start immediately, you hear me? 
OooOooo, mini tarts.....Mmmmm......
.........fuck - don't give me that look.  We start tomorrow, you hear me? 
I'm sure most of us have been there with our lofty new years dreams.  This is why I decided to make some smaller more manageable goals for myself this year instead of the dreaded "I'm going to lose X amount of lbs this year!".  Let's be honest.  Gyms would make a whole lot more money if after the first couple of weeks of the new year they just turned themselves into bars. 

One of my first goals was to reorganize my Studio space...which I started...and...well, it's not going to happen over night. Okay?  Point is I started. 

The next was something a bit more abstract relating to my work.  I wanted to try and start forcing myself to think outside the box a little.  Last year I created some of my largest works to date and though it was scary working on that kind of scale, it was also sort of liberating.  In conjunction with size, those few pieces were also some of my more imaginative works.  That coupled with a little prodding from a certain someone led me to creating my next goal.

I'd like to break away a little from painting the world through photographs and start painting the world through my imagination.  I don't think I've completely found that one thing that really grips me as an artist yet.  For some it's landscapes, still life portrayals or even animals.  While I love all those things and can find something interesting in each of them, there just isn't that feeling.  I'm not sure how else to describe it - maybe sort of like having the most annoying sweet tooth in the world and finally biting into the richest, chocolatiest cake ever and finally being satisfied. 

It's probably close to that feeling...

What?  Cake is magical!  

Anyway, I hope to have some interesting and engaging new works this year so stay tuned! Oh, and I wish everyone good luck with their own goals for 2016 ;)



  1. Ooh, like how you're using the crazy long hair to tie in the dream elements in these pieces.