Wednesday, February 3, 2016

If You Know Me...

Concept Sketch for Sweet Dreams Series

...Then you know that I love nap-time.  



So much so, I was worried something serious was wrong with me a while back and did the whole string of tests and everything. Guys, GUYS, the sleep study is insane.  Especially the narcolepsy testing afterwards. Gah.  I could have punched someone in the throat.   

The prognosis was basically the docs didn't know either.  I was given some generic reason right after I was told that the brain and sleep were like the final frontier of study, and basically they didn't know a whole lot.  


Either way, I just basically need more sleep than everyone else.  


I was thinking about this when an idea popped up for a series of paintings.  I previewed the concept for one of these paintings in my last blog post.  Above is another concept.  

I'm calling it the "Sweet Dreams" series.  

What do people dream about when they fall asleep?  Whether it be a cat nap or turning in for the night?

I rarely remember my dreams after sleep but Mike often does, and it's so interesting what the mind can conjure up while asleep.  I know I can train myself to remember them eventually - sleep journals and the like - but that seems like a lot of work.  I'm sure I would get bored with it after a couple of times.

That's just my personality type.  It's probably why my Studio space is still a mess, despite the promise to myself to organize.  I always have a couple different projects open at one time so I don't get bored. 

Maybe as part of my grand plan to complete more original works this year, I can convince Mike to tell me his more outrageously interesting dreams and I can try to illustrate them.  I should warn you guys if this happens there will be lots of evil robots and laser swords, I'm sure. 

For now, I've started painting one of the three concepts for this series so stay tuned for those to crop up in the shop.

I hope you enjoy this bit of whimsy as much as I am!


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