Monday, June 20, 2016

Block Party...

Sneak Peek of some new items!

...Art Sale & Supply Shop Pop Up is this weekend!

I adore pop up markets because it feeds the spontaneous side of me, but this one is special. 

Not only am I able to try and unload the extra "baggage" I've been hoarding in my studio for a while, it's a testing ground for some new ideas. 

I'm stupid excited about them. 

If all goes well, I intend to make them available in my Etsy shop later on so definitely stay tuned for that.

Along with the new stuff, I will also have my black and white canvases available as well as some of my first watercolor works. 

I finally feel like I've made enough pieces for my portfolio that I can start carefully curating my listings, so these items will be retiring soon.

And of course I will have some specially made mini paintings available next weekend too.

If you're around Raleigh next weekend, you should definitely stop in, say hello!


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