Friday, January 20, 2017

And So...

...It begins. 

Last time I talked about the process and decisions behind choosing my theme Unravel, but where does one go from there?  

How do you tackle 15 different compositions representing one thing?

Lucky for me, this is where my big-ass chalk wall comes in handy.  Oh and that poll I did plus a ton of Internet research.  

I tried to think about it from as many different angles as my brain would allow.  The light bulb went off when I looked up the definition to unravel. What if each piece was titled with a word that was related to unravel.  Like a little web, all the pieces would be interconnected and break my gigantic problem down to smaller, more manageable parts that I could work with to bring this series together.  

Oh Thesaurus, how underrated you really are. 

So again, I made a list of all the words related to Unravel that jumped out during my scan.  Then, I narrowed that down to the final words that thrummed in my mind the most. 

I bet you're trying to read the words in the picture above, aren't you?  Sneaky.  If you're counting, there are only 14 that I have written out so far (above) but I'm sure a 15th will emerge later on to fill that last gap.

My approach to this after I wrote the words on my wall, was to start building compositions around the ones that stuck out the most for me and go from there.  Ideally, in a perfect world, I would drum up all the compositions first then just start painting, but I also don't want to force the process either because that does not produce desirable results.  Plus, these compositions are a bit more intricate since I'm relying on subtle symbolism and color choice to convey thought or emotion.  If this series is a representation of me, then I want to put forth every effort for a well thought out concept.  In doing so, I hope to bring my work to the next level and truly grow.

I jumped right in and spent the last week of December working out as many compositions as I could, or as many as would fit on the wall opposite the chalk wall.

Turns out that's 3, in case you are wondering.  

Doesn't seem like very many, but you have to understand that these compositions are built to be transferred right to the watercolor paper once I'm ready, and this series is going to be, hopefully, 15 portrait oriented 16" x 20" pieces.  

Definitely don't know how to go easy on myself...

Anyway, I just finished my first piece in this new series (which you have most likely seen already) and next time I'd like to share with you my process, for those that are interested in such things.  I'm always fascinated by the motivations and reasoning behind the work of other artists so I like to share those details when and where I can.

Stay tuned!


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