Friday, January 6, 2017

Daunting Realities...

...of a Solo Show...

I've been scouring the Interwebs for anything remotely helpful about this topic.  Most of the material I've uncovered is pretty useful and slightly daunting.



I could go on, but you get the picture here.

Key things I've learned about a solo show thus far:
  • A solo exhibition is based on a theme, topic, idea, word, etc.
  • A typical show consists of 12-15 works
  • All works relate to the "theme" in some way, shape or form.
12 to 15 individual pieces of work.  0_0

Now, naturally, the amount of work necessary really is dependent on the venue/gallery space, and what they are looking for.  Some may want less or more.

There are a few other things to consider along with a theme, and that is size and orientation.  To be fair, I've certainly seen a few exhibitions that didn't stick to one particular size for their work, but I definitely understand the appeal on keeping things consistent.  If everything is the same size and orientation, then it lends more focus to the actual work.  It's the same thing with framing choices in the end as well.

Did you know that different orientations express different things?  I had no idea either!

I will share it with you too:
  • Landscape - Peaceful
  • Portrait - Majestic/Active
  • Square - Risky/contemporary
The other major point in all of this, is the actual proposal to galleries/venues.  That is a whole different animal altogether; one I will research more on later, but for now my focus is on the 12 to 15 pieces as my first step.

For this year, my aim is to teach myself to be more focused and to improve my planning/research phase.  One of my goals is to do 2 different series.  A lofty goal indeed but I think challenging myself is important.

I will talk more on theme choice next time, though.

Happy Friday!


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