Thursday, August 7, 2014



Okay.  Friends, let's be real for a second here. 

I opened up this fresh new post page with a head full of things to tell you about, and now I can't remember any of it...

Ever have those kind of days?  I blame it on the very large, devastatingly big black hole that apparently sucked away my ability to sleep last night.  I tossed and turned; eventually realizing that a steady pounding began to erupt in my head around 6:30 am.  

It was like something in my head decided to host a rave party and everyone started jumping and moving at the exact same time to the rhythmic beat.  

I was not amused. 

That's usually an indicator of a migraine looming around the mountain, about to cripple me.  It always seems to start at the base of my neck - tiny little fingers inching up and squeezing the bajeezus out of me.  Luckily I fumbled around the bathroom for Advil in time, then fell asleep for a couple of hours.

Now I'm a walking zombie today - minus the brain-eating.  And the migraine.  Thankfully

Sometimes, when this happens to me I wonder if it might have just been better to stay awake the whole night instead of getting those few precious hours of sleep.

It is soooo going to be a multiple cup of tea kind of day...

Let's see - Oh!  

I meant to tell you that I signed up for my first swap on  After my 1 month waiting period was up, I became eligible to enter into a craft swap of my choice.  Basically, there are all kinds of organized swaps set up by site moderators - full on crafty types of swaps, supply swaps, ATC's, you name it.  

Some Personal ATC's I've completed
Since I wasn't sure exactly what to expect with taking on my first swap with this online community, I went for something a bit smaller and easier to handle - the Ongoing ATC Swap.  I recently discovered ATC's and it was love at first craft.  Since the size is so small, it made experimenting and creating these little treasures really quick.  Beyond the sizing, there really isn't any other guidelines.  

I like to think of them as my personal Business Cards for the art world. 

Anyway, I jumped in, claimed someone after being approved to join the Ongoing ATC Swap under the site and created my first ATC for trade.

The person I claimed gave a list of preferred themes for the cards they receive from others, and I chose their theme "Calligraphy".  I completed it over the weekend and put it in the mail for them this past Monday.  

The only uneasy feeling I have with the swap is, the receiver actually getting the card in the mail.  I'm hoping they receive the card today and that they actually like what I've done for them.  I have two weeks to actually send the card from the date I put in the claim, so if they don't receive it, I still have plenty of time to remake it and send again. 

On another fun note related to ATC's - I received a trade request for one of the cards I did for my personal collection.  I previously posted a picture of it on Instagram in my excitement when it was made.  Now I am waiting for her to complete a card to trade me for it!  How exciting!!

Alright, I'm headed to try and get some work done in my zombie state.  

Wish me luck!



Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I recently finished up a commission for a friend of mine and I really like how it turned out:

18" x 24" Horse in Snow Scene
I found this one a bit challenging because the original photo that he provided me to work from had a lot more detail going on in the background.  After my initial manipulation and his approval on the altered image, I found that I had to make some tough design decisions regarding the background.  There were a lot more tree details in the background that I ended up omitting because I felt like it detracted from the detail of the horse.  The end result worked out really well, but it wasn't for the lack of vacillating on my part...

I had to trust my gut, even though my head was all like:

"Awe shit, what if this turns out crappy? Maybe we should just leave the spotty looking background trees..."

"The spotty trees look like they are coming out of the horses head instead of the background...Does he even like Unicorns??"

"Nope.  What am I even thinking?! No snow unicorns allowed.  KILL THE BACKGROUND TREES!"

Although I would enjoy a snow unicorn scene, it's probably not everyone's cup of tea.  Or maybe it is.  I dunno - I'm not a mind reader.

Anyway - I'm pleased with the end result and my friend thought so as well.  He even commissioned me for another piece!

He saw my paper piece that I am currently working on (details are here about that) and requested something similar for his next piece.  

Guys...I have another commission...


I feel like a for real Artist.

...Why did Pinocchios' line just pop into my head:  


Weird.  And for the record, I'm not a boy..



Monday, August 4, 2014


A new StudioANF 12" x 12" creation added to the shop this morning!  Whoop Whoop!!

Personally I think this would be awesome in any Mud room out there...

hint, hint guys!

For details on this little treasure, click here.  Slowly but surely, my little shop inventory is growing.  I am hoping to have a few more pieces completed for sale in the next couple of months. 

Stay tuned and thanks for checking it out!!