Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Interesting, Indeed.

I must say that so far the areas that I have explored in this new town have been interesting, to say the least.  I can't help to compare it to what I know from living in Northern Virginia - which is definitely a contrast so far! 

Let's take yesterday for example; I needed to try on and order a bridesmaid dress for one of my best friends' upcoming wedding.  I hopped in the car and let Google navigate me to the nearest shop that carried the style number I needed.  traffic was nonexistent, compared to NOVA, and development wise, there isn't a whole lot of eye candy along the road.  I did however come upon a place called Angus Barn (Google informed me that its a delicious steak house), and this little gem:

You're welcome.

Google also told me that this place is closed.  I'm not sure how I feel about that...relief?  Sadness?  I bet my arteries are rejoicing in the fact that they escaped an early death by the hands of this place.  

I did find some furniture places along my drive as well.  Can anyone explain to me why furniture stores always appear in groups?  Have you noticed that?  It's hardly ever just ONE furniture store you happen upon.  And of course, just a few doors down there is always that shady looking oriental rug store that you're scared but curious about...don't lie.  You secretly want to go into the place just so you can report back to your friends about it.  They all are secretly curious too. 

The most curious thing I found yesterday by far was a little store on my way back home called "Barstools and dinettes".  

Seriously.  That is a store.  

Here's a link in case you don't believe me: Barstools and Dinettes.  Let's not put aside the little fact that I just so happen to be in the market for a couple of bar-stool type chairs for our new breakfast bar in the kitchen, either.  I like to think the universe is smacking me in the face with a sign since I've been on a hunt for decent looking chairs for about a week now with little success.... 

Okay universe...MESSAGE RECEIVED. 

We might pop in there this weekend, if we have some time to look around because HELL no I will not be entering weirdly named establishments by myself in new areas...don't ask...


Well for anyone living in the Durham/Raleigh area - wtf. 

What. The. Fuck

Allow me to explain... Well before I explain, let me preface this post by providing a little disclaimer. 

I have a phobia.  One of bad things happening (I don't care what you say Google, it's a phobia!).  We will call it badthingshappeningobia - let's shorten that to BTS (just go with it).

So, I have BTS.  What is BTS, you ask?

BTS is this:  I have this fear, however irrational it may seem, that bad things will occur at any given point in time.  In my mind I make plans/strategies to counter the possibility of any given "bad thing" that might pop in my head as a way of coping.  (It doesn't happen often, I promise.)  For example, should an intruder enter my home [to, ya know, burgle me], I know the viable exit points in my home and I have an escape plan to counter that circumstance.  My husband lovingly refers to my BTS as ridiculous.   

I call it being prepared

Well, now for the explanation!

Mike is away on business, and I have a hard time sleeping at night when he's away.  Couple that with a new location and a new home with strange noises? Helloooo insomnia.  I eventually get to that sweet spot - you know, when you are just about to drift off - when BAM! a crazy thunderstorm hits overhead.  Then my phone goes nuts because the universe hates me and my BTS. 

There's a tornado warning and my phone does flashy things and loud noises.  In short at 5:20 am I was under a tornado warning.  In my head, I'm screaming random things:

"Awwee hell nawww!"
"This is it! A week in our new home and I'm going to die."
"I'm in a night shirt with no bra..."
"How scandalous if I'm discovered ass up in wreckage during a rescue attempt?!"
"Do we even currently own a flashlight?"
"Oh crap, I should have grabbed shoes!"
"Should I risk grabbing my purse? Would they need ID during rescue?"
"What can I use as rope to secure these blankets over my feet in the event of walking over broken glass?"
"Oh god, am I wearing decent underwear?!"

You get the idea.

While my head was doing.... That, I was getting the obstinate dogs and a screaming cat to our basement per the instructions of a blaring inanimate object.  

The dogs were not amused.  I am ashamed to admit that after about a minute and a half of the cat screaming at the door in a very large, windowless room (the acoustics are fabulous and she should never be a singer), she was kicked out of the shelter due to my low tolerance.  I reasoned to the dogs that she is still technically in the basement so her odds of surviving were still pretty good.  I honestly think she could get scrappy if the situation called for it.  Ember quickly fell in line after that because she knew she was next. 

I was really only under the warning for a total of 15 minutes or so before the storm moved on.  Mike was a trooper, talking me down and giving me storm updates as the time past till it was safe to reclaim the rest of the house again.  He knows how my head works; sometimes better than I do.  Moral of this little story is, build yourself a goddamn survival kit! Safety first boys and girls - an important lesson I learned in girl scouts.  Here is a link with instructions, tips, and suggestions on building yourself your own emergency kit for your home. 

May I make one small suggestion? Include a set of matching undergarments! Mine definitely will, among other things...

I hope that when I get too old for family to put up with me and I end up in a home or institution (hey, I'm being realistic here, after all) that I don't end up that sad type of paranoid crazy that people pity you for.  I want to be the hilariously entertaining crazy; the kind that runs half naked down the hallway with a toilet paper crown yelling, "JELLYBEANS MOTHAFUCKA!"

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Catch Up Tuesday

"Catch-Up Tuesday" has sort of a ring to it doesn't it?  Well no, not like "Wacky Wednesday", "Throwback Thursday", or "Sunday Funday" but for me its a day to get my messy self organized (HA, I know that was hilarious, right?). 

I finally unearthed the external drive that is currently housing my Shop database which means I can finally photograph some of the pieces I have completed for upload.  In the townhouse, I knew where to find the best lighting for photographs.  In our new house, however, that is a different story.  It's going to be a house-wide man hunt (light hunt?) because we are due for some crummy weather the next couple of days. 

Lining up the next few pieces on the list is proving to be somewhat difficult, as well.  Maybe I'm just hella picky when it comes to subject matter?  Perhaps I should pick themes that interest me, and go from there.  It could prove to be an interesting angle to try at least.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Blogging Renewed!

It's no secret that this poor blog has been forgotten in the past few months.  I have a good reason for it though!  We picked up or stuff, animals and lives and moved across the border for a fresh start in North Carolina.  It has been hectic, messy and of course stressful but definitely worth the move.  

Our new home!
Our home is large, brand new (still has new house smell), and a little scary but it's beautiful and we are completely in love with the little community we've transplanted into.  

One of the things that I most love about our new digs is the fact that I now have studio space!  Mike helped me out this weekend with building a studio desk and I went out this morning and found the perfect chair so that I can start getting back into the swing of things.  There are still loads that I want to do to complete my space, but I have all the important things in there now. 

Also, I have to say that building your own custom desk wasn't that difficult to do.  the "legs" are actually shelving units purchased at Walmart.  The top is a piece of sanded plywood with a piece of tempered hardboard on top for a smooth, splinter free surface to work on.  There are several different takes on building your own desk on Pinterest for different looks, etc. 

Goals for the week: 

Get back into a routine with the shop
Clean the house
Unpack some more boxes
Get Guest rooms squared away
Do some laundry

Seems like a small list doesn't it?  I'm going to repeat that in my head like a mantra while working on it this week!